Farmer’s Market Find: Romanesco

Today I went to Eastern Market to buy bacon so my new apartment starts smelling like home instead of new apartment, and as I was wending my way through the outside vendors I spotted two heads of Romanesco. Since I’ve been looking for it ever since a friend mentioned he got some in his CSA share, I was very happy to find it this week.

So I had to plan a meal around this veggie. I’m going to serve myself the whole head steamed, maybe with browned butter, and I want a meat that won’t overpower the focus of the meal. So I bought a kosher chicken.

Why a kosher chicken? Because the best attempt at roasted chicken last winter was with a kosher chicken, and I didn’t want to get it too salty or too bland. I’ve been wanting to try spatchcocking, and that’s enough experimentation. Since I didn’t know what I was doing, I headed to YouTube for a spatchcocking how-to Here’s a picture of my chicken, ready for the oven.

Such a lady-like pose.

And for a 2nd sidedish, I made scalloped garnet yams. Slice with the v-slicer, piled in a casserole dish. Fill the dish half-way with milk. Cover and cook for a while. I might dot with butter or coat in parmesan for the last 10 minutes.

The cooked birdie after I removed a leg for supper and my supper.

The sweet potatoes had a lot more of their own liquid than expected, so I added butter, salt, and smushed them with a fork to use as a base for the rest of tonight’s supper.


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