Baked rice with chicken and mushrooms

This weekend I tried this Baked Rice with Chicken and Mushroom recipe from New York Times Cooking.

This tastes amazing, but instead of being nice and fluffy, it’s rather gloopy.

Since the recipe calls for 4.5 cups of liquid for 2 cups of rice and most recipes I’m finding use a 1:1.5 or 1:1.75 ratio of rice to liquid for Basmati rice, I think this is the most likely cause of gloopiness.

I made two minor changes to the ingredients. Instead of the handful of king oyster mushrooms in the rice, I used sliced crimini mushrooms, which I added while sauteing the onions. And to brown the king oyster mushrooms I used a lactose-free butter.

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Club Sandwich

My team at work goes out to lunch together every Wednesday. One of the team members usually orders the club any place that has one, and has been disappointed by every single one. The team member recently left our company and on the last day, I made club sandwiches for the team.

The night before I pre-cooked the bacon and the chicken. The next day I did the rest of the prep and assembled the sandwiches.

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Farmer’s Market Find: Romanesco

Today I went to Eastern Market to buy bacon so my new apartment starts smelling like home instead of new apartment, and as I was wending my way through the outside vendors I spotted two heads of Romanesco. Since I’ve been looking for it ever since a friend mentioned he got some in his CSA share, I was very happy to find it this week.

So I had to plan a meal around this veggie. I’m going to serve myself the whole head steamed, maybe with browned butter, and I want a meat that won’t overpower the focus of the meal. So I bought a kosher chicken.

Why a kosher chicken? Because the best attempt at roasted chicken last winter was with a kosher chicken, and I didn’t want to get it too salty or too bland. I’ve been wanting to try spatchcocking, and that’s enough experimentation. Since I didn’t know what I was doing, I headed to YouTube for a spatchcocking how-to Here’s a picture of my chicken, ready for the oven.

Such a lady-like pose.

And for a 2nd sidedish, I made scalloped garnet yams. Slice with the v-slicer, piled in a casserole dish. Fill the dish half-way with milk. Cover and cook for a while. I might dot with butter or coat in parmesan for the last 10 minutes.

The cooked birdie after I removed a leg for supper and my supper.

The sweet potatoes had a lot more of their own liquid than expected, so I added butter, salt, and smushed them with a fork to use as a base for the rest of tonight’s supper.